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2002 Heluva Rukus Results ...

U S Grant (SASS #2) with SASS NY State Champions Annabelle Bransford and Rowdy Bill.
US Grant (SASS #2) with SASS NY State Champions Annabelle Bransford and Rowdy Bill.

Top 10 Overall:
1.Capt. J. B. Armstong (M) – TOP GUN
2.Rowdy Bill (T)
3.Vermin Hunter (G)
4.Half-A-Hand Henri (T)
5.Jake Mountain (T)
6.Rattlesnake Ron (T)
7.Weewahoottee (S)
8.Wes Durn (T)
9.Jim West (T)
10.Marshal Stevens (T)

SASS New York State Men’s Champion – Rowdy Bill
SASS New York State Ladies’ Champion – Annabelle Bransford

Trophy Winners by Class:

1st - Tony Highland
2nd - Cayuse
3rd - Schoharie Kid
4th - Schofield
5th - Flat Iron Frank
6th - Texas Jack Black
7th - Smokehouse Dan
8th - Buckshot Brad

1st - Lead Poison
2nd - Grandpa Zeb

Frontier Cartridge:
1st - Doc Red Thumb
2nd - Lackawanna Jack
3rd - Doc Grande
4th - Chille Smith
5th - Doc McCoy

1st - Vermin Hunter
2nd - Whiskey Brooks
3rd - Bull's Eye Bade
4th - Loose Gun

1st - Two Bucks
2nd - Annabelle Bransford
3rd - Myrtle Wells
4th - Miss Tate
5th - Diamondback Lee
6th - Lakota Sue
7th - Jolee
8th - Lady Lassiter

1st - Capt. J. B. Armstrong
2nd - Major E. A. Sterner
3rd - Chantry

1st - Weewahootee
2nd - Mileaway
3rd - Dastardley Dirty Dan
4th - Ike "Shotgun" McCoy
5th - Trusty Rusty Gun
6th - Charmen Armen
7th - Marshal Sudden Justice
8th - Sonny

Elder Statesman:
1st - U. S. Grant

1st - Rowdy Bill
2nd - Half-A-Hand Henri
3rd - Jake Mountain
4th - Rattlesnake Ron
5th - Wes Durn
6th - Jim West
7th - Marshal Stevens
8th - Muleskinner Micah
9th - The Hidesman
10th - Yukon Mike

Stage Winners:
Stages 1, 2, 4, 5, and 10 - Capt. J. B. Armstrong
Stages 6, 7, and 9 - Vermin Hunter
Stage 3 - Trusty Rusty Gun
Stage 8 - Jake Mountain

Side Event Winners (Men’s / Ladies):
Speed Pistol (2-Handed): Vermin Hunter / Two Bucks
Speed Pistol (Duelist): Tony Highland / Lakota Sue
Speed Pistol (Gunfighter): Vermin Hunter
Speed Rifle: Capt. J. B. Armstrong / Two Bucks
Speed Shotgun (Pump): Vermin Hunter / Two Bucks
Speed Shotgun (Double Barrel): Major E. A. Sterner / Annabelle Bransford
Speed Derringer: Wyoming Gun / Lakota Sue
Speed Pocket Pistol: Rowdy Bill / Lady Lassiter
Speed .22 Rifle: Garrett Slowhand Wade / Half-A-Hand Henri
Speed .22 Pistol: Garrett Slowhand Wade / Half-A-Hand Henri
Long Range (Single Shot): Harry Edge / Half-A-Hand Henri
Long Range (Lever Action Rifle Caliber): Dirty Bill / Annabelle Bransford
Long Range (Lever Action Pistol Caliber): Schoharie Kid / Diamondback Lee
Long Range (Open): Manos del Fuego

Team Event Winners:
Muleskinner, Half-A-Hand Henri, Dastardly Dirty Dan, Ike "Shotgun" McCoy

Spirit of the Game Award:
Doe Dancer

Costume Contest Winners:
Best Young'un - Miss Victoria
Best Townsperson (Female) - Christmas Carol
Best Townsperson (Male) - Jim West
Best Working Cowgirl - Erin Reins
Best Working Cowboy - Smokehouse Dan

Rossi Rifle Raffle Winner:
Jethro Lead

Special 72nd Place EMF Gun Winner:

Top Gambler (at Saloon Night):
Franklin J. Grant

G&J Leather Custom Rig Raffle Winner:
Jethro Lead

$600 Donated to Ballston Spa Community Emergency Corps

$950 Donated to Martin Family Trust Fund for children of Sidewinder Pete, killed in the line of duty at the WTC 9/11/01

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