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2015 SASS NY State Championship

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  • Dates: September 18-20, 2015
  • 2014 Results and Photos
  • Winner of the Wooly Award for 2009 Best SASS Shoot of the Year!
  • The Entry Form and mandatory Release of Liability form for Heluva Rukus 2015 will be available in mid-April 2015. The good news is that the limit is now 350 shooters vs. 220 in the old days, so more of you can come shoot and have fun! The final cutoff for acceptance of registration forms is mid-August 2015.
  • For 2015, Heluva Rukus will continue to be a 3-day event with side events on Fri. and main stage shooting on Sat. and Sun. Everyone will shoot 5 stages on Sat. and 5 stages on Sun. We will be shooting in morning and afternoon flights; the posses shooting in the morning flight on Saturday will shoot in the afternoon flight on Sunday and vice versa. There will be two separate safety meetings on Saturday - one at 8 AM for the posses in the morning flight and one at 12:15 PM for those in the afternoon flight. By mid-August, a list of shooters in the morning and afternoon flights will be posted on the website, so that all shooters will know which safety meeting they will need to attend. All posses will shoot 5 stages straight through with no break each day (allowing 45 mins/stage). Posses will shoot the lower 5 stages one day and the upper 5 the other day.
  • Please note that no category changes may be made after mid-August 2015.
  • Heluva Rukus is a SASS-sanctioned event. You must be an active member of SASS to shoot, and ALL SASS rules will apply.
  • Transportation of Firearms: For those of you who may be concerned, please rest assured that the NY SAFE Act of 2013 does NOT affect Cowboy Action Shooting in NY in any way.

    However, if you are coming from out-of state, please make sure that you DO comply with the following gun laws as they pertain to the transport of firearms within New York State: A non-resident citizen of the USA may possess a rifle or shotgun in New York, as long as it is unloaded while being transported. Non-resident target shooters may enter or pass through New York State with handguns for purposes of any NRA-approved competition if the competitor has in his/her possession a copy of the flyer/match program, proof of entry and a pistol license from his/her state of residence. The handgun must be unloaded and transported in a locked opaque container separate from any ammunition.

    Please note that Heluva Rukus IS an NRA-sanctioned event. This letter will serve as your proof of entry; bring it with you to the event. Under NYS law, you may only have your firearms in the state for 48 hours prior to and 48 hours following our event.

  • Check-in: Shooter check-in will take place in the clubhouse from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM on Friday and from 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM on Saturday for the morning flight and 7:30 AM - 10:00 AM for the afternoon flight. You will be given your posse assignment and a shooter's packet at check-in. Inside the packet will be a Shooter's Handbook which will include a schedule of the weekend's events, a posse shooting schedule, range and safety regulations, a list of side events, descriptions of each of the main stages, costume contest rules, sponsor/vendor information, etc. The packet will also contain your shooter's badge, tickets for any pre-paid Friday and/or Saturday night cowboy dinners, and other 'goodies'. Please review the contents of your packet as soon as it is received, and see one of the registrars if you have any questions. Drawings for door prizes will be held in the clubhouse at time of check-in. There will also be raffle tickets available, as well as CKR badges and HR lapel pins for sale.
  • Shooting Schedule: As always, Heluva Rukus will consist of three days of slinging lead and having fun.

    Fri.: Side events will run from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. If you did not pre-pay for the Friday side events, tickets may be purchased that day for $2/event or $15 for the entire day. Side events will include speed derringer, speed pocket pistol, .22 pistol/rifle, long-range single shot/lever action rifle, speed shotgun, speed pistol, and speed rifle, as well as mini-stages which may be shot using main match guns or as Roughrider stages using a 1911 pistol. Please note that sight-in for the long-range side events will be held from 8:30-9:45 AM on Friday. There will be no sighters allowed once the actual side events begin.

    Sat: All shooters will need to attend a mandatory safety meeting at either 8:00 AM or 12:15 PM (time determined by posse flight as mentioned above). Shooting for the morning flight will run from 8:30 AM - 12:15 PM; shooting for the afternoon flight will run from 1:00 PM - 4:45 PM.

    Sun.: Shooting for the morning flight will run from 8:00 AM - 11:45 AM; shooting for the afternoon flight will run from 11:45 AM - 3:30 PM.

  • Ammo Required: To complete the main stages, you will need approximately 100 rounds of pistol ammo, 100 rounds of rifle ammo, and 50+ shotgun shells. Friday side events will require considerably more ammo, so make sure that you bring plenty of extra.
  • Entertainment: Please continue to check our website for updated information on entertainment and non-shooting activities available on site throughout the weekend.
  • Meals: Water will be available on the range throughout Heluva Rukus.

    Lunch will be available for purchase on Friday; both breakfast and lunch will be available for purchase on Saturday and Sunday.

    There will be a fajita bar in the outdoor pavilion on Friday evening and a BBQ buffet in the outdoor pavilion on Saturday evening.


    The Friday night dinner will be catered by Moe's Southwest Grill and will consist of a fajita bar with soft taco shells, ground beef, shredded chicken, grilled onions and peppers, salsa, queso cheese, chips and homemade desserts. Cost is $13.00/person, payable in advance.

    The Saturday night dinner will be catered by Shane's Rib Shack and will include both BBQ chicken AND ribs, along with baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw, corn bread, and brownies/cookies. Cost is $28.00/person, payable in advance.


    Please note that meal tickets will be required for each cowpoke attending the Friday or Saturday night dinners. If you paid for extra dinners for non-shooter guests, their tickets will be included in your shooter's packet along with your own. Please note that there will only be a limited number of extra Friday and Saturday night dinners available for purchase at the shoot, and none will be sold after registration closes.
  • Attire: Please keep in mind that you are attending a cowboy shoot, and plan your attire for the weekend accordingly. All registered shooters will be required to wear appropriate Old West/period clothing for ALL events. This includes side matches, the main match, evening activities and the awards ceremony. Shooters not in costume will not be included in any award photos. Although not mandatory that spectators and non-shooter guests dress 'cowboy' all weekend, period attire is strongly encouraged.
  • Pets: If you are thinking of bringing a pet with you, please consider the following. Pets may not be left outside unattended. The New York State Leash Law must be obeyed at all times. No pets will be allowed on the shooting range at any time. Owners will be responsible for cleaning up after their pets.
  • Camping: For those of you planning to camp on K F & G property, please take note of the following. There is no charge for a campsite; however, space is limited, so all spaces are by reservation only. If you marked 'Campsite Request' on your original HR registration form, you should find a camping permit included with your confirmation letter (or sent as an attachment to your confirmation email). You will NOT be allowed into the camping area without presenting that permit. Please keep in mind that there are no electrical or water hookups available on site. Water at our club is in limited supply, so you may NOT use the club's water to fill your tanks! You must have a holding tank if you plan on using the sanitary facilities in your trailer. No discharge or dumping of any kind is allowed. Toilet facilities and sinks (but no showers) are available at the range. No individual open campfires are allowed; however, modern elevated grills may be used. If you decide prior to the shoot that you will not be utilizing your reserved spot, please let us know so that we can give the spot to someone else. Should you wish a full service campground, you may want to contact McConchies Heritage Acres in Galway, NY, at 518-882-6605.
  • Nearby Activities: If you have non-shooters who accompany you but would rather not spend the entire day with us cowpokes, tell them there are plenty of other activities in the area to keep them occupied - from museums, historic sites, boutiques and outlet stores to amusement parks, boat rides, and water parks - all within less than an hour's drive from the range.
  • Cancellation Policy: If at a later date you find that you will be unable to attend the shoot, please notify Annabelle Bransford (518-877-7834 or 518-368-3535) or Maurice 'Mo' Lasses (518-762-9190) immediately. If your cancellation notice is received prior to Aug. 18th, your money will be refunded in full. Anyone canceling between Aug. 18th and Sept. 1st will receive a refund, minus a $25 cancellation fee. There will be NO refunds given after Sept. 1st.
  • Please feel free to email Annabelle ( or Maurice 'Mo' Lasses ( or call either of the numbers noted above if you have any questions or need additional information. You may also want to visit our website regularly to check for updates.
  • We're looking forward to you doing your part to ensure that Heluva Rukus lives up to its name as we rekindle a little of the old Wild West in Upstate New York!
  • Before closing, we would like all shooters to know that we will be setting up both main stages and side events on Thursday. If you are planning on rolling into town early and care to lend a hand, we could always use the help. It is also a great way to meet some new folks.
  • VENDORS & SPONSORS: Contact 'Big Sky Di' (Diane Gulbrandsen) at 518-580-0283 or email:, or 'Kate Cartwright' (Kathryn Doody) at 518-253-8884 or email:

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  • 2014 Sponsors & Vendors
    Match Sponsors
    Klassic Laser Works
    Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.
    Presenting Sponsors
    Name Email Phone
    Lupare's Custom Knives  
    Starline Brass Email 800-280-6660

    Stage/Side Event Sponsors
    Contact Info
    Calico Sue
    Frank's Gun & Tackle Shop, Inc.
    Gunpowder Creek Trading Post
    Harts Trading Post
    HJ & RA Railroad
    Maurice 'Mo' Lasses
    Redwing Trading Co.
    Russ The Carver
    T Star Leather
    Target Sports
    The Dude Bandit
    Wild West Mercantile
    Zack's Sports

    Contact Info
    Adventures in Photography
    Blanket Brigade
    Boston Scarlet Enterprises
    Gunpowder Creek Trading Post
    Klassic Laser Works
    LPL Bullets
    Mike Rivette - Knifemaker
    Moulton Lead
    Mountain Swan Designs
    P. T. Litewell's Heliographic Emporium
    Peacepipe Leather Traders
    Perry Engraving Studio
    Reaction Targets
    Russ The Carver
    Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.
    T Star Leather
    White Wolf Trading Co.

    Additional Door Prize Contributors
    Contact Info
    Satch Sales Mobile Solutions
    The Harvard Ghost Riders:
    'Shootout at Sawyer Flats'
    SASS MA/CT/RI State Championship
    The Jackson Hole Gang:
    'Purgatory in the Pines'
    SASS NJ State Championship
    Verdant Mountain Vigilantes:
    'Green Mountain Mayhem'
    SASS VT State Championship
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