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2003 Heluva Rukus Results ...

Annabelle Bransford (L) and Vermin Hunter (R) - SASS NY State Champions with Top Gun Half-A-Hand Henri (Center).
Annabelle Bransford (L) and Vermin Hunter (R) - SASS NY State Champions with
Top Gun Half-A-Hand Henri (Center).

Top 10 Overall:
1.Half-A-Hand Henri (T) – TOP GUN
2.Vermin Hunter (D)
3.Rowdy Bill (S)
4.Klondike (49r)
5.Marshal Stevens (T)
6.Freddy Pharkas (T)
7.Flat Iron (49r)
8.Capt. Morgan Rum (49r)
9.Wing 'em Wib (49r)
10.Ike "Shotgun McCoy (S)

SASS New York State Men’s Champion – Vermin Hunter
SASS New York State Ladies’ Champion – Annabelle Bransford

Trophy Winners by Class:

1st - Vermin Hunter
2nd - Lefty Rhodes
3rd - Cayuse
4th - Schoharie Kid
5th - Texas Jack Black
6th - Kidd Thunder
7th - J. R. Conemaugh
8th - Tony Highland

1st - Yankee
2nd - Lead Poison
3rd - Abe the Crippler

Frontier Cartridge:
1st - Eastern Tenderfoot
2nd - Doc Grande
3rd - Rawhide Rod
4th - Lackawanna Jack

1st - Whiskey Brooks
2nd - Bullseye Bade
3rd - Single Action
4th - Loose Gun

1st - Major E. A. Sterner
2nd - Chantry
3rd - R. D. Buck
4th - Old Hondo

1st - Half-a-Hand Henri
2nd - Marshal Stevens
3rd - Freddy Pharkas
4th - Wes Durn
5th - Yukon Mike
6th - Smilin' Pete
7th - Wise River Bill
8th - Smokey Sue

1st - Klondike
2nd - Flat Iron
3rd - Capt. Morgan Rum
4th - Wing'em Wib
5th - The Hidesman
6th - Buzz Heywood
7th - Calvary Kid
8th - Muleskinner Micah

1st - Rowdy Bill
2nd - Ike "Shotgun" McCoy
3rd - Dastardly Dirty Dan
4th - Take Aim
5th - Flatboat Bob

Senior Duelist:
1st - Just Plain Larry
2nd - Coon Dawg
3rd - Barrister Bill
4th - Marshal Sudden Justice

Elder Statesman:
1st - Oliva Sudden Justice

1st - Pittsburgh Wild Irish Rose
2nd - Annabelle Bransford
3rd - Myrtle Wells
4th - English Bev
5th - Miss Tate

Ladies Fortyniner:
1st - Two Bucks
2nd - Pistol Packin' Punky
3rd - Boston Lady
4th - Heartless Harlot

Stage Winners:
Stages 2, 4, 8, 10 - Half-a-Hand Henri
Stages 1, 3 - Vermin Hunter
Stages 5, 6, 7, 9 - Klondike

Clean Shooters:
Half-a-Hand Henri (Traditional)
Flat Iron (Fortyniner)
Ned Putnam (Senior)
Grizzly Skinner (Duelist)

5 Yr. Sponsor Awards:
Hart's Trading Post
G & J Leather

Side Event Winners (Men’s / Ladies):
Speed Pistol (2-Handed): Wing'em Wib / Half-a-Hand Henri
Speed Pistol (Duelist): Vermin Hunter / Half-a-Hand Henri
Speed Pistol (Gunfighter): Single Action / Half-a-Hand Henri
Speed Rifle: Vermin Hunter / Two Bucks
Speed Shotgun (Pump): Wing'em Wib / Half-a-Hand Henri
Speed Shotgun (Double Barrel): Vermin Hunter / Annabelle Bransford
Speed Derringer: Leadbutt / Annabelle Bransford
Speed Pocket Pistol: Just Plain Larry / Annabelle Bransford
Speed .22 Rifle: Dastardly Dirty Dan / Half-a-Hand Henri
Speed .22 Pistol: Major E. A. Sterner / Half-a-Hand Henri
Long Range Rifle (Single Shot): Harry Edge / Miss Delaney Belle
Long Range Rifle (Lever Action): Just Plain Easy Mark / Annabelle Bransford
Long Range (Open): Dirty Bill / --
Long Range Pistol (Duelist): Vermin Hunter / --
Long Range Pistol (2-Handed): Wild Phil Coyote / Two Bucks

Team Event Winners:
Wes Durn, Major E. A. Sterner, Smilin' Pete, Yukon Mike

Costume Contest Winners:
Best Young'un - Baby Splint
Best Townsperson (Female) - Val's Gal
Best Townsperson (Male) - Doc Hunter
Best Working Cowgirl - Heartless Harlot
Best Working Cowboy - Ol Scratch

Norinco Shotgun Raffle Winner:Kidd Thunder

AWA Longhorn Pistol Raffle Winner:Hoss Cutter

Special Beretta Stampede Pistol Winner: Just Plain Larry

G&J Leather Custom Rig Raffle Winner: Boston Lady

$605 Donated to Susan Parkhill (widow of recently deceased SASS Regulator, Rusty Colt)

$610 Donated to SASS Scholarship Fund

$760 Donated to Milton Eagles Volunteer Fire Dept.

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