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2006 Heluva Rukus Results ...

Cartwheel and Annabelle Bransford - 2006 SASS NY State Champions.
Cartwheel and Annabelle Bransford - 2006 SASS NY State Champions.

Top 10 Overall:
1. Jake Mountain (T) – TOP GUN
2. Jimmy Spurs (T)
3. Cartwheel (M)
4. Yukon Mike (T)
5. Geronimo Jim (S)
6. Brett Cantrell (49r)
7. Smokey Sue (T)
8. James Pike (T)
9. Splinter Jack (T)
10.Freddy Pharkas (T)

SASS New York State Men’s Champion – Cartwheel
SASS New York State Ladies’ Champion – Annabelle Bransford

Trophy Winners by Category:

1st - Ike 'Shotgun' McCoy

Classic Cowboy:
1st - Just Plain Larry
2nd - Tom Payne
3rd - Marshal Cogburn
4th - Greene Valley Gunslinger
5th - Bandanna Red
6th - Colesville Bob

1st - Grazer
2nd - Smilin' Pete
3rd - Kidd Thunder
4th - Cayuse
5th - Schoharie Kid
6th - John Derringer
7th - Lone Star Jake
8th - Boston Jack

1st - Yankee
2nd - Keeper

Frontier Cartridge:
1st - Capt. Morgan Rum
2nd - Doc Perry
3rd - Windjammer
4th - Eastern Tenderfoot
5th - Abe the Crippler

Frontier Cartridge Duelist:
1st - Dead Head
2nd - Buckskin Slim
3rd - Callous Clyde

1st - Snake River Cowboy
2nd - Dunn Shotwell
3rd - Chelsea Kid
4th - The Capgun Kid

1st - Cartwheel
2nd - Chantry
3rd - R.D. Buck

1st - Jake Mountain
2nd - Jimmy Spurs
3rd - Yukon Mike
4th - Smokey Sue
5th - James Pike
6th - Splinter Jack
7th - Freddy Pharkas
8th - Rotten Rich
9th - Quaker Hill Bill

1st - Brett Cantrell
2nd - Flat Iron Ed
3rd - Turquoise Bill
4th - Black Jack Ed
5th - Moss Reardon
6th - Lost Rider
7th - Catskill Bob
8th - Wyoming Gun
9th - One Eyed Black Jack

1st - Geronimo Jim
2nd - Marshal Freeman
3rd - Chama Chuck
4th - Black Hands
5th - One-Eye Pete
6th - Rattlesnake Rische
7th - Lawman
8th - George Silver
9th - Ben Cooley

Senior Duelist:
1st - Bear Lee Tallable
2nd - Buck Bisley
3rd - Peddler Jack
4th - Doc Silverfinger
5th - Marshal Sudden Justice
6th - Crooked Sight

Elder Statesman:
1st - Geriatric Kid
2nd - Beaver Trapper
3rd - Ned Putnam
4th - Wrong Arm

Ladies B-Western:
1st - Birdie Cage

Ladies Traditional:
1st - Stormy Shooter
2nd - Appaloosa Amy
3rd - Emma Goodcook
4th - Southpaw Slingin' Sally
5th - Hawley McCoy
6th - Lakota Sue

Ladies Fortyniner:
1st - Annabelle Bransford
2nd - English Bev
3rd - Wild Sage
4th - Myrtle Wells
5th - Avocatessa

Ladies Senior:
1st - May Rein

Ladies Senior Duelist:
1st - Eula Nissen

Ladies Frontier Cartridge:
1st - Miss Delaney Belle
2nd - Boston Lady

Ladies Duelist:
1st - Nantucket Dawn
2nd - Ryder LaRouge
3rd - Sadie Stitchen

Ladies Modern:
1st - Dallas Rose

Grande Dame:
1st - Bonnie Dee

Stage Winners:
Stages 1, 3, 5 - Jimmy Spurs
Stages 2, 10 - Smokey Sue
Stage 4 - Cartwheel
Stages 6, 7, 8, 9 - Jake Mountain

22 Clean Shooters

Side Event Winners (Men’s / Ladies):
Speed Pistol (2-Handed): Cartwheel/Appaloosa Amy
Speed Pistol (Duelist): Cayuse/Lakota Sue
Speed Pistol (Gunfighter): Cartwheel/N/A
Speed Rifle: Cartwheel/Stormy Shooter
Speed Shotgun (Pump): Cartwheel/Stormy Shooter
Speed Shotgun (Double Barrel): Smokey Sue/Dallas Rose
Speed Shotgun (Lever Action): Abe the Crippler/N/A
Speed Derringer: Jimmy Spurs/Lakota Sue
Speed Pocket Pistol (Single Action): Roy Cassidy/Lakota Sue
Speed Pocket Pistol (Double Action): Cartwheel/N/A
Speed .22 Rifle: Stillwater Sam/Dallas Rose
Speed .22 Pistol: Major E. A. Sterner/Maudie Sue
Long Range Rifle (Single Shot): Irascible Curmudgeon/Appaloosa Amy
Long Range Rifle (Lever Action, Rifle Caliber): Dirty Bill/Three Barrel Chris
Long Range Rifle (Lever Action, Pistol Caliber): Lost Rider/Lakota Sue
Long Range Pistol (1-Handed): Cabin Creek Outlaw/Lakota Sue
Long Range Pistol (2-Handed): Deathwish Kid/Lakota Sue
Mini-Stage (2-Handed): Cartwheel/Stormy Shooter
Mini-Stage (Duelist): Smilin' Pete/Ryder LaRouge
Mini-Stage (Gunfighter): Bob Maverick/N/A
Mini-Stage (Black Powder): Irascible Curmudgeon/N/A
Wild Bunch Mini-Stage: Jimmy Spurs/?

Team Event Winners:
Smilin' Pete, Cartwheel, James Pike, Appaloosa Amy

Costume Contest Winners:
Best Young'un - Shanni M
Best Townsperson (Female) - Sadie Stitchen
Best Townsperson (Male) - Red Hooker
Best Working Cowgirl - Tucson Tess
Best Working Cowboy - Lonesome Trailsman
Best Classic Cowboy - Bandanna Red
Best B-Western - Ike 'Shotgun' McCoy & Roy Cassidy (tie)

Spirit of the Game Plaque: Yukon Mike

Plaque of Appreciation: Rowdy Bill

5-Year Sponsor Plaques: E.M.F. Co., Inc., Northreach Outdoor Sports Division, Wild West Mercantile

Kirkpatrick Leather $430 Rig (to Middle Shooter): Adirondack Jack

$860 Donated to Milton Eagles Volunteer Fire Dept.

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